A general view of some iranian button mushroom farms.

Facilities & Machinery

There is good potentials for producing button mushroom,s growing room and compost farm machinery and facilities in İran.

Facility production id advancing and now more than 90% of local requirements provide by İranian Machine producers.

Facility exporting Started since a decade before and it is  increasing each year significantly.


Tehran is the main and biggest market of button mushroom in iran. There is 3 distributing centers

and more than 100 tons fresh mushroom distribute to local markets, super markets, resturants and … per day.

More than 100 persons are there to deliver mushroom to customers.

Other big markets are Mashhad, Karadj, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, BandarAbbas, Hamedan and some other cities.

About 30% of mushroom consumes in small towns and villages.