IRAN Edible Mushroom Growers Association

Like other trade associations, it was necessary to coordinate between producers on the one hand and other organs on the other. Between 1362-1372, when the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture Ministry issued the largest license for the establishment and production of mushrooms and the units were built one after the other. The lack of an organization that could establish education and culture in the field of production, production problems, and its needs in accordance with the needs of the day as a platform for this sector of production with the relevant organizations. In this regard, in 1993, the Association of Manufacturers of Ornamental Fungi With the participation of a number of member units in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, he recorded his activities in the areas of “coordination, communication with government agencies and banks, training of members through holding periodic courses at home and abroad, promotion and culture General, market knowledge and production needs, advice, tips for production and education enthusiasts Mushrooms, preparation of plans and brigades for preventing the implementation of non-standard mushroom breeding projects … “and has been able to become one of the most active and active guilds in the country for 18 years. The association’s activities and the trust of the members in this organization strengthened this belief and determination among the members, so that they can enjoy the knowledge and experience of other members, in conjunction with the production and competition of the group, in terms of strengthening the organization of having powerful and capable members in production. With a short history of edible fungal breeding organizations, it has gained credibility among the producers of mushrooms and government agencies, which can be related to the close relationship of this class with the Ministry of Agriculture’s Department of Horticulture. By setting up monthly meetings in the forum, the views of the manufacturers will be discussed and the results will be shared by all members of the forum. It also receives credits, introduces members to the banking system, educates manufacturers and enthusiasts to produce, establishes training platforms and patterns of consumption, recognizes the problems of production and sales of communication with members, coordinates higher education communication with this department of the bachelor’s unit developing, procuring Plans and plans for mushroom production units, holding international conferences, receiving and distributing government quotas, entering technical know-how of the day and transferring members to the members in cooperation with the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture’s Department of Horticulture, guidance and advice of enthusiasts for the construction of edible fungal production units for Preventing the risk of national capital Personal as well as profit-seekers who sit in wait for them and the other activities of the association.